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Released in August 2015, Model number: P01M, Intel Atom Processor Z3530

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Replace crack screen . And where to buy it

My daughter dropped the tablet and the screen crack. I want to replace the screen myself but can't a website at sells them.

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There are a plethora of sources for this:

Google "digitizer & ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C)"

$198.99 · B&H Photo-Video-AudioFree shipping, no tax

$149.01 · eBayUsed, free shipping, no tax

$176.12 · BonanzaRefurbished, free shipping, no tax

$238.81 · MassGenieFree shipping

$210.84 · CompSourceNo tax

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Ebay Spain sells them



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Why would you give a listing for buying in Spain?


@mayer because indications originally showed OP was not located in the US. Also, at the time, US had no parts. Your Internet is faster than mine. Why are you asking about a June post? :-)


@avanteguarde I ask because I'm a monitor and I go back though the old questions looking for answers to accept and vote up. With the exception of one up vote you got from someone else all your up votes today and one accepted answer came from me. If you check 22.7% of all your up votes have come from me. If this bothers you I can quit ;-) I see you have only given a total of 4 up votes to others since you have been on the site ;-(


No, please continue. I love my #1 Fan! :-)

I admit, I don't touch those button much and apologize for that. I will pay more attention to upvotes,


Nobody except kaykak even thanks us for the time we put in here, so it's your peers that you get and give thanks to. For years it's been a very thankless job but we are building a fine community now. But we all have to participate in supporting each other. Being a tech is a pretty lonely job.


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