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Tablet to keyboard magnetic pin connector missing a pin

On my keyboard that makes contact with my tablet when keyboard and tablet are locked in place to be used as a laptop. There is a five pin magnetic connector with one pin completely missing on the keyboard to tablet

magnetic pin connector , where would I find the part I need to replace the magnetic five pin connector??? The part has the numbers 2015.02.05 and m1015 and after that is the word pogo. I've looked everywhere for this part and am not able to find it. I'm very curious to know if anyone else has experienced this problem also and how frequent does this happen to the Nextbook flexx 10 very often

Can someone tell me what the part name is and the part number and where I can purchase it and what is the cost of it??? Thank you for taking the time to help me

Sincerely Michael Taylor

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if you read this if no have other solution, i had the some problem, but i fix it.

in the hole where the soldier's pin went I put a small wire or a piece of copper to make contact with the pin of the tablet and so it worked. bend a wire to make it thick try to put it in the hole where the pin went. look for something to make contact a copper

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