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External storage options by Seagate, usually connected by USB, available in many storage sizes and form factors.

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Accidentally disconnected external hard drive and now it won't show up

I was working on my laptop editing footage from my external hard drive and my friend knocked it off the table and it ended up disconnecting. It was working fine before but now when I plug it in nothing happens. I've tried going into Device Manager and I don't think I can find the hard drive there, but I could also be looking incorrectly? not sure. Any help with this would be super great, thanks

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Can you provide me with a model number for your Seagate external? And also when you plug it in do you hear a clicking noise from the drive?


I have this same problem and I do hear a slight clicking noise. But it has stopped. What does this mean? Can I get my data back?


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Have you tried restarting your computer then plugging the external drive into a different USB port on the computer? Often, assuming the external drive was not damaged in the fall, if the USB was unmounted improperly the system won't recognize the drive with the "damaged" device. If you reboot the computer then plug the USB cable into an alternate port that may resolve the issue.

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