LG G3 gettin hot in here!

Alright, I feel this would be the best place to ask. So just did an LG G3. Pretty uncommon for me. Repair went off without a hitch, except the customer said it was getting hot. Which it was. She said it does happen from time to time. But never this hot. It was coming from the top of the board. Anybody got any ideas?

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@theimedic whereat on the "top of the board"? any other issues with that? I'd check the camera and the haptic engine


Hey @theimedic I'm going to migrate this to plain ol' iFixit, as Meta should be reserved for issues directly related to iFixit's operations, content, or community (including, but not limited to Birthday wishes and rep celebrations). If we're talking about repair, lets rope everyone in!

If you want to chat with more repair professionals, you can check out iFixit Pro Talk which is a forum for techs like yourself looking to chat or solicit advice.


Thank you @evan!


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