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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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top screen shows image-but with green colouration

am fixing yet another ds lite (for yet another butterfingered son!) and the top screen is green, you can see all the images but only if you like green! the cable looks fine and so does the connector. I'm guessing this is definately a replace the LCD scenario, but on the off chance there is something else causing the problem, I'd love to hear it! Thanks.x

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I have the same problem with my new dsi xl! The top screen on my dsi xl is more greenish than my regular dsi's screen. How can I fix this??


I have no Idea my bottom screen is exactly as you described the top one is fine but it drives me crasy I can not take images or play games because my screen is discolored if you found any thing out pls tell me I would love to fix it thank you.


The same this happened to me but it's on a 3DS


You can probably switch out the wifi module that will might the problem if not it’s a board-level problem and if it’s not that you might have to switch the connectors.


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pollytintop, I do think you might be right with having to replace the display, however, give this a try and see if it changes anything. Open up the battery cover (philips head) and right next to SL1 are two holes with 'screw' like things in them, these control voltage to the screens. I'm not sure which one is for the top screen, should be the furthest to the right. Grab a thin philips head screwdriver and turn the 'screw' inside there slowly, your screen might fuzz out like crazy, then turn it in the other direction. I did actually find that some people have resolved their GSOD issues :) Good Luck

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thanks oldowl, saw these 2 screws mentioned in another post, but thought they controlled brightness. Will give it a shot.


thanks for the answer but it looks like a new screen is the answer. £ to be spent. oh well


This worked for my Phat DS thank YOU.


Yo. Thank you so much for this info. I was tightening screws to my dsi a long time ago and when I put the battery back in and turned it on, both screens were all fuzzy and horrible. I nearly cried thinking I had just broken my console. A year later (right now) I decide to play doctor on my old gaming consoles that have issues. I came across this for my dsi and my mind just blew up. You have fixed my long lost little dsi love. Thank you so much. Truly. I am so thrilled. @OLDTURKEY03


@hekkojekki glad this 10 year old answer helped you out. I guess it's now considered retro gaming :-) Best of luck and have fun with it!!!


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