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The XV40 Camry was introduced at the 2006 North American International Auto Show alongside a hybrid version and went on sale in March 2006 for the 2007 model year.

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AUX don't work/turn on in Camry 2010

Hi there,

First of all thank you guys @ IFIXIT for creating such an informative site.

My question is about my Camry 2010 AUX input in my radio/cd player. Problem is that the CD & Radio turn on and works perfectly but the AUX part don't work/turn on.

How can I fix it ?

Thanks a lot.


Pomona, CA

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@muameen is that the standard Toyota Radio or an aftermarket one? What have you connected to the AUX jack? How do you know it does not work?


Thank you for your reply.

It is a standard/original Toyota camry radio. It does not have Bluetooth capability, I always used AUX jack to play music from my iPod/iPhone. AUX has its own turn on switch. FM/AM radio and CD player works perfectly just the AUX don't work/turn on.



My aux mode stop working how do I get it to work again?


Hi Theresa

Do have a look at the "chosen solution" for a workaround so as to rule out a lose connection problem.


Hello! When I try to put the aux mode nothing pops up on the screen. I bought a brand new aux cord but yet nothing seems to work. Any clue how to make it work? Thank you! This is for a 2007 model.


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It is better late than never, I was in search of AUX with USB as a replacement for just ordinary AUX which is fitted on my Camry and my quest led me here.

To answer your question, the AUX on your Camry is working fine BUT toggling between other functions in your control consoles (CD, FM AM) and AUX requires a firm connection of the audio jack into the AUX, if not there would be no switching.

It could be a problem with the cable or the AUX Port, as a test of functionality, use one hand to hold the 3.5 mm audio jack cable into the AUX Port firmly whilst toggling into AUX mode on the control…voila! it works

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I had the same exact issue on my 2010 Corolla.

This is the fix, and thank you so much for explaining it very well.

The aux cable needs to be in firmly as well as connected to the (powered on) device in order for the DISC-AUX button to switch from CD to AUX. If you just have a cable plugged in (even very well) but not connected to anything on the other side, (mp3, phone, Bluetooth adapter etc) it will still not work.


Unplugging and replugging the aux cable from the jack inside the storage compartment solved the problem, I must have bumped it loose somehow. I'm using a bluetooth adapter into the car stereo and a cordless phone charger/cradle which relieves me from having to mess with any cables when I want to listen to music from my phone.


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@muameen this will require taking apart the area around the radio and messing with wires.

As a quick, cheap workaround, I suggest a FM transmitter. Such as this one


What this device does is connect to your music player via bluetooth or aux cable. Then it takes the sound and sends it to your car via FM radio. You would find a FM station that has no signal, and then tune the FM transmitter to transmit to this station. It can also charge your phone at the same time.

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Thanks for replying to my question.

Your advise/solution is very much appreciated. But, if possible I still want to try to fix my radio (just don't want to pay the dealer a huge amount). I will purchase the FM transmitter as a last resort.

Thanks again.


@muameen , ok, no problem. FYI the part itself is $40 on ebay.



That part doesn't fit any Camry v4 or v6 year 07 thru 08 models.


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