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Monochrome laser printer introduced in 2012. The printer has a 35 PPM page rating and the first page comes out in 8 seconds. Depending on which model you own, you will have different expansion options and available features (Ex: M401n is limited to 128MB of RAM, despite having space for a memory module and a access panel). Uses HP 80A/80X toner cartridges.

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paper getting stuck under cartridge and between fuse and roller

I have changed the roller and fuse as it was blown but paper getting stuck between them and under cartridge printer says jam in cartridge area.

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Make sure the fuser is seated and check to see if the fuser rollers turn. Does the paper get crumpled on the leading edge? Does the paper show print? If the paper shows printing then the toner cartridge is OK, if it doesn't show printing then pull the toner cartridge out and open the flap and see if there is an image printed on it; if it is blank then the toner cartridge could be defective or the gear assembly driving the toner cartridge has failed. If the leading edge is crumpled, this will point to the location where the paper is jamming, look for bits of paper in the area where the leading edge is crumpled. If the paper is not crumpled, then check the sensor flags leading into the fuser.

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yes ,i have checked the toner it is ok. but paper is jamming in fuser area & it is folding there.And finally i also cleaned & checked the fuser area,there is no problem. & i have cleaned the fuser unit & fixed it. Still the complaint is not solved. Please give me solution Bro.

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Check the rollers inside the fuser assembly. If they don't look smooth they may have overheated. You may also want to check for tiny shreds of paper stuck inside the fuser assembly or any damage to the rollers. That can cause the next paper going through to jam inside the fuser assembly. There is a limit to the lifespan on a fuser assembly so you may want to order a replacement. I just took a quick look and I don't know if iFixIt carries these but you can get a new one from PrinterTechs.com. I've had very good success with them. A word of advice though, if the printer you are trying to repair is the HP LJ Pro 400 M401 listed above check the installation instructions first on PrinterTechs.com before ordering. This looks like one of the HP models that requires you to completely dismantle the printer--covers, lid, doors, drawers, and disconnecting and reconnecting electrical connections. It may be more economical, including the value of your time, to consider a new printer. Good luck.

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i have a promblem with hp laserjet P2035 printer and the problem is paper get stuck while printing and it stuck between fuser pressure and film roller. Recently i have changed fuser film after that this problem arise. might be when iam changing the same at that time i missed somthing and issue happen, plz suggest


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