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iPhone 6S Plus Finger Sensor not working after screen replacement

Now yes I understand this is a common question but there are still a lot of questions regarding this matter and contradicting answers. I have a few questions below...

I have been reading this post here: BTW

iPhone 6S Finger Sensor not working after screen replacement

Now he replaced the screen using the original home button from the device which is what your supposed to do in order to keep touch ID working. He claims that the home button still works and that touch ID doesn't work on only 1 of the replacement displays he has. I have the same scenario, the touch works but the touch ID does not.

Also a user mentioned electrical damage could have been a cause if the battery was not disconnected during disassembly. I had it disconnected I believe but is there a way to test that out?

Now when the device starts up you get a popup saying "No Touch ID". Is that what is supposed to happen when touch ID does not work or is this a different problem? I couldn't tell because some people don't have that popup and touch ID just doesn't work.

Now some people say the back light / flex cable could be the problem but how do I know that for sure?

Please help. I am experienced around taking apart apple devices so I doubt I damaged a part in the process. Thanks,


Also unlike other devices I have worked on this one has experienced lag at some points after the replacement. Could that mean a defective digitizer?

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i have seen this problem before many times its either the screen because it comes with new flex cable build in the screen or back light should i say if its bad it wont let home button do a full connection with motherboard so in that case the phone will pick it up as error so wont let touch id work now if your tried anther screen and same problem then it means you messed up the home button itself and if you put new home button the touch id wont work unless apple replace the screen for you they use full assembly so they program new finger print with your mother board.

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I agree, typically I find this is due to the screen replacement having a faulty extension cable.


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You might have a faulty screen assembly . The home button connects to the screen assembly, which in turn connects to the motherboard. I would definitely try a different assembly to rule this out!

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Yeah. It's most likely a faulty home button extension cable on the screen assembly.


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I had this problem too, when I replaced the screen assembly on my iPhone 6 Plus. I brought the home button over from the old screen assembly, and the home button worked, but the touch ID did not. After reading about the problem, I decided to try bringing the metal backplate (with its attached ribbon cable for the home button) over from the old screen assembly. This fixed it - touch ID worked. Unfortunately, I recently replaced the battery, and damaged that cable, so the home button didn’t work at all. I had to replace the metal backplate and ribbon cable with the new one that came with the new screen assembly. Now the home button works, but touch ID does not. I would like to know if there is a way to get touch ID working again, even if the ribbon cable is new (but the button is the original one).

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