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The NuVision TM800A510L is an Android tablet released in 2015. Its speakers, internet capabilities, and simple user interface means this tablet is generally used for email or educational purposes.

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Ram upgrade and thermal paste upgrade?


I noticed that task manager and more say that there is one ram slot in use out of two. Is it possible to upgrade it with more ram? Also could someone upload a guide on how to take it apart so I can change my thermal paste wither better paste like grizzly cause I use this for gaming and I love it but it would benefit with more ram and better paste. Sadly no one has uploaded a teardown of it ever sooo please someone put up a guide/ video. Thanks!

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Anyone did it?

Can it be opened and RAM upgraded? or it's just an open slot for ram to be soldered.. (which means a future model with more ram on the way perhaps.. but useless to end users current)


I don't believe there is any thermal paste to change on your tablet.


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No, it's not user serviceable.

See this slick deals thread about it:


POST #474 12-13-2016 at 09:09 AM

"Unless you plan to do it with a soldering iron don't bother.. it's all 1 board everything is discrete, no user serviceable parts inside."

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It probably is but I think if the ram is upgraded you will need to modify the original OS or put a custom android OS on it to get the extra RAM to work but if you have root I sped up my old tablet a lot by overclocking the CPU a tiny bit (only a quarter of a gigahertz) and forcing the tablet to use more RAM

When I fix it I can make a tutorial for how to do that (the tablet is only broken because I purposely by aksedent corrupted the system partition to see what would happen)

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