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Epson's L220 is ideal for home and home office users looking for good-quality, ultra-low-cost printing, scanning, and copying. Released around 2016.

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My epson L220 printer : ink and paper red light blinking alternately

This problem occur when my friend refilled the ink.

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i need its solution....


my printer is alarm red light blink


please answer


Signal red light and paper jam


My printer is telling me that a printer's ink pad is at the end


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Your printer waste ink counter overflow, you have to reset your printer waste ink counters.

Please try with this solution: https://resetkey.net/epson-l220-resetter...

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epson printer l220 paper and ink blinking

i dont know how to do please help me


@maricel.cutie Step 1: Download WIC Reset Tool here: https://resetkey.net/download ,

Step 2: Connect printer and computer by USB Cable, computer connect to the Internet.

Step 3: Reset Epson L220 printer's waste ink counter by follow this guide: https://resetkey.net/epson-l220-resetter... - FREE to reset Waste ink counters to 90%

Watch this video:



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epson printer l220 3light blink

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Tested, tried and successful. You can reset your waste ink counter but you have to avoid waste ink pad overflow.

  1. How to reset your printer waste ink counter?

I found this video, helpful for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb3CIhXZ...

  1. How to avoid waste ink pad overflow?

I found this post on ifixit: How to Hack Epson L200's Waste Ink Pad

Good luck!

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Ink and paper lights blinking alternately means that your internal “waste ink pads” are full and need resetting/cleaning out.

Check your Epson Status Monitor (on PC) for any error messages - if it says “service required” or “…end of service life” then it’s the waste pads.

You’ll need to reset the internal counter using WIC Reset tool (a reset key can be had very cheaply).

Then you’ll need to either:

a) clean or replace the internal pads (usually just a case of removing one or two screws on the recent Epsons)

b) extend a piece of tubing out of the printer and directing all waste ink to an external container, such as a bottle or tub.

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