Need Location/markings of the SMC chip on the MacPro 2,1 logic board

I have a MacPro 2,1 I am looking for the location and markings of the SMC chip on the logic board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm currently looking for the exact same thing but for a 3,1 logic board... ANy help appreciated !


@xarus @topquant you need to post some good high res images of your logicboards with your question. At least give us the proper 820-xxxx number so we can assist you as acurately as possible. Help us to help you. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images. I assume that the 3,1 is an early 2008 820-2128 board. The 2,1 could be a 820-1976 or a 820-2129-A

Schematics and diagrams are not available for these boards but the IC's in question may still get identified.


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