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Motherboard capacitors iPhone 6s


I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me what what capacitors are those

Block Image

... I just bought an iphone 6s from a girl and i just found out that screen flicker when brightness is below 80% and goes completely dark below 25% brightness... Should problem be from this capacitors i found damaged?

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Here are the capacitors identified with their component ID's from schematics. I will post more info in a moment.

Block Image

Update (07/08/2017)


C2005 (Top right capacitor): '''A capacitor that is used for the BUCK0_LX0 output of U2000 (PM IC) to ground and this is on the PP_CPU line. Also used to filter out ripple on the PP_CPU line.

C2088 (Top left capacitor):

A capacitor that goes to ground and is used to filter out ripple on the PP_VCC_MAIN power line

C2121 (Bottom right capacitor):

This is also another capacitor that goes to ground, does the same thing for above.

C2127 (Bottom left capacitor) :

This is also another capacitor that goes to ground, does the same thing for above.

C2005 capacitor details:






C2088 capacitor details:






C2121 and C2127 capacitor details:


20% (Efficiency I'm assuming?)

CERM-X5R (Ceramic Capacitor)

0402-9 (Size of component)

Used for power management unit (PM IC chip).

Note that one or more capacitors can be shorted on these lines so if you are checking these capacitors for shorts, check all of them on the line.

PP_CPU has about 11 capacitors (C2000-C2910)

PP_VCC_MAIN has about 15 capacitors (C2085-C2099)

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Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Should i get same capacitors from another board and put on mine or try find and buy new ones?


Another board if the other phone is like iCloud locked or not working at all (not repairable).


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