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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2, released in 2014. Model numbers: SM-T900, SM-T905.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 Overheating

What could be possibly causing my tablet to overheat, usually while playing games?

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My tablet gets overheated whilw charging. It stops charging.

If charged, battery drains much faster.


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Currently staying in 40c ambient environment and this is my second TABPRO S, previous never had heating issues then I realised what I read about chrome... I use edge mainly but chrome for some things. On the new install I noticed very hot top right corner (I assume processor is there)... and then I remembered reading about chrome mullering battery’s and CPU useage...

I turned off the background activity for chrome and reduced sync to use two options that I actually benefit from...

In ''settings “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” and deactivate it... I sync bookmarks and browsing history only.

It worked immediately for me... TABPRO S no longer heating beyond expected.

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The internals of a device goes a lot of programs to work so most of the time when the device has multiple tabs or apps open at once the device can heat up. Also if the storage is low then the device can slow down and that could make the device warm up faster. And lastly when the device is in use for a long time the Comonents in the device can also heat up. This can also happen when charging and playing or using the device. ( sorry for my bad English )

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How to get over it. I am told that battery need replacement. Will that be. If so, where do I get the battery in India.


where do I find repair shop in Delhi India.


Um you can try to oppen another device for the same type and take the battery


I am also hues a kid so I really don't know that much but try not to use the device for few days and see what happens


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