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Also known as the SNES Mini, SNES 2, or SNES Jr, this is the compact redesign of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in North America on October 20th, 1997.

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Super Nintendo won't turn on after dropping something heavy on it.

I had my Super Nintendo on the floor of my bedroom and one day a textbook fell down from my desk right onto the game system. There was a game cardtige inserted too if that makes a difference. It was working perfectly and now it won't turn on anymore. What could I do to fix it?

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victorort95 the only way to figure out what needs to be fixed, is by checking what broke. Use something like this video to disassemble your SNES2 and take a look around. Check for damaged/broken parts. If unsure take some good pictures and post those with your question. Use this guide so we can see what you see.

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The SNES is a rather robust machine; however, there are still fragile components inside. There are a few things to check for:

1) Check to see if you are actually drawing power from the AC adapter. Cheap, 3rd-party adapters are not noted for their longevity, and the original Nintendo ones are quite ancient now as well.

2) Check the power input jack on the SNES. There should be a pair of metal teeth inside a plastic circular enclosure. If that enclosure is broken, it may not be making good contact with your AC adapter.

3) The fuse that is in the SNES is notorious for breaking. Every time I get a new SNES in, I'll replace the picofuse with a compatible (125V, 1.5A) resettable polyfuse. Basically, if there is a power surge that blows the fuse, all I'll need to do is turn the SNES off and then on again to reset the fuse, instead of having to replace the fuse.

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