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Latch won't open after installing new harddrive

I upgraded my harddrive and installed OS without a problem, but after putting the case back together, the latch won't open fully, meaning I need to use the spludger to gently pop it open. I had a similar problem when I had my RAM upgraded last year, but the guys at the shop where I had it done were able to fix it. I'd prefer to not have to go back there again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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thanks for your help guys.....not sure what the problem was but it worked itself out....I think it was just an alignment issue


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Most likely is that the top case was improperly aligned improperly. It's impossible for us to tell over the internet. I would examine how it's binding and reseat the top case.

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Hi, it sounds like there may be a small screw lodged somewhere underneath or behind the push-button bar. I think you can remove that bar after you've removed the top cover. From there you can see if there is anything keeping that press bar from being fully depress.

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charles, I don't mean to be tacky but do you really think he's still having this problem after seven months?


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