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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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How do I find where the oil is gushing from?

There is oil pouring out, when the car is running. It is not coming from the filter / oil plugs or the oil pan. What are other possible options that would cause this?

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Sounds like a main oil seal. If you have the engine steam cleaned and then inspect for the leak afterwards you should be able to see the exact spot that the oil is "gushing" from. You have ruled out the two obvious places that oil can "gush" from ( drain plug and filter) and when gaskets like what you find around the oil pan and rocker covers (or valve covers) leak they seldom "gush" and tend to "weep" oil. That leads me to believe that either the front or rear oil seal has failed which would definitely cause a "gush".

Although an oil seal is not an expensive part, the repair is quite involved and labor cost would be high.

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Go to a oil change place and have it put up on a rack. This is not something you should procrastinate about.

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Ok I had at the place were I last got the oil change, which is how I new that it wasn't the things I mentioned. They suggested that it maybe some coming from above the oil shaft. The Van is not drivable at this point because of the amount of oil that is coming out. Do you have any trouble shooting suggestions. So when I am consulting a mechanic I am not in the dark


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