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How do I know which engine I have? (1990 4cyl or V6?)

The auto parts store wants to know if my mother has the smaller 4 cylinder engine or the larger V6 engine so that they can order the right part.

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Engine size ie: V8-V6, or an in-line 4 or 6 cylinder, you will also need to know the displacement of the engine ie: 1.5 litre or 2.4 litre etc. This information can be found on a under hood sticker found on the firewall, on the inside of the hood or near the radiator, it can also be found in the serial number or V.I.N. found on your vehicle registration. It would also help if you knew if your engine was turbo charged or if it is a single or double overhead cam engine. Quite a few car manufacturers will label the trunk lid or front fender with some or all of this information which can be handy now that you know what your looking for.

The Vehicle Identification Number or (V.I.N.), also known as the serial number is always located on the left front corner where your dashboard and front windshield meet. The left and right side of any vehicle, is always determined when you are sitting in the operators seat. You can also find your VIN number on the production plate or sticker on the door, and on some vehicles the firewall as well.

If this sounds to confusing then just drive your car to the parts store or repair shop and. let the experts look at the vehicle, they know where to look.

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You can tell your car configuration by deciphering the VIN number of your car. The vin number may be on the lowest extent of your windshield or in the driver door jam or under the hood. It varies by manufacturer. Check out this page:


and specifically this:


You should be able to determine your configuration from this information. Good luck.

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