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Repair guides and support for the ZTE n817, also known as the ZTE Quest.

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I Can't answer any calls

The phone keeps telling me to scroll down to answer the call, but nothing happens. I can't answer any calls.

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The person who gave that answer apparently can't read. I also cannot answer voice calls with my ZTE phone from Walmart, and all kinds of people say they have the same problem. Don't ever buy a ZTE phone.


I agree. nothing but problems


My ZTE overture 3 not letting me see my incoming calls


I'm at work a co-worker has the same issue with his LTE MetroPCS Z981 Android version 6.0.1 Service State In Service, Cellular network state was Connected, he can't answer his calls he has to wait till it goes to voice mail I checked setting to see if there was an update there was. Now the phone is upgrading and optimizing of 33 apps. I wonder if this will resolve the issue? Android has finished upgrading! Restarting phone! Still No luck!

I read try: Apps > Phone > Settings > Force Stop and Clear Data

I tried Force Stop and Restart: Did not try Clear Data didn’t want to lose his phone numbers. Still no Luck!

Had to return Phone; He’s considering returning the phone to the store!

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I found a cure all for the ANSWERING ISSUES..Install an app from the playstore Thats Titled Os12Dialer it does away with a lot of problems and gives you the ability answer your phone in a fast way.

Now my ZTE performs Great.

This is the only issue that i have with it so I want everyone to Check this APP OUT.....


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When you slide down, does the phone call continue but the line is dead, or it just wont let you complete the swipe? If you are getting a dead line try shutting off the phone and re-seating the sim card.

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It won't let me complete the swipe, then it goes right to voicemail when I can't answer the phone.


Huh. That sounds like an android dialer problem. For testing purposes, download hangouts dialer from the play store. That app lest you send free phone calls through wifi. Try calling someone with it. If the call goes through and there is no dialer swipe problem, and the person on the other side hears you, it is definitely an android dialer software problem and not a hardware problem or issue with your sim card / networking problem.

If hangouts dialer works, I would suggest a factory reset of your phone. This should fix the dialer problem you are having. If you do a factory reset, make sure you backup all your data: photos, documents & messages not saved in hangouts. Since the dialer app is a native app I don't think you can reinstall just that app alone.

Good luck!


I don't have a problem with making phone calls or the person on the other end can hear me. It's the fact that I can't answer the phone when it rings. I keep swiping down like it says but nothing happens. I did a factory reset of the phone, but that didn[t work either. I think I just got a lemon.


Huh. A factory reset should have resolved any android dialer issues. A factory reset puts the phone back to stock android settings, and if the phone has not been updated, it resets the phone back to the stock configuration it was sold with. At this point, if you could return your phone to a reseller, I would look into doing that. If you are no longer able to return it, I would suggest rooting your phone and installing a custom rom. I was not able to find any custom roms for this phone so I do not know how much success you will have doing that.

For now, I would suggest asking for help on XDA forums (https://forum.xda-developers.com/android...), they are the primary source for android related troubleshooting. Good luck.


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Download the APP Os12 Dialer from the Playstore and it gets RID OF THESE ISSUES.

I couldn’t find the Answer even from the phone Store. No one in the TECH FIELD Could ANSWER THIS QUESTION.


Os12 DIALER at the app store.

I downloaded at least 8 to 10 apps before I HIT THE JACKPOT…

Let me know what you people think?

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