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How would I change the nintendo switch charger port

The place where you connect the usb type. C charger is damaged I have tried looking up videos on how to replace the piece, so far no luck. Is there any way this price can be replace, I will not be able to enjoy the nintendo switch until it is fixed.

Thank you

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Hi, did you manage to solve this problem?

I think i am in the dame situation but im not sure since my usbc port doenst look damaged but the console wont detect any charger and when docked i only get a rapid flashing light


@moquedami Could be the charge port or could be the charge controller chip on the motherboard.


I suspect so too. The thing is, would the console boot at all if the IC controller was damaged? I managed to get it to start with a new batery and everything worked fine except for the charging port that would not react at all when anything was connected to it.

Is it possible to discard IC controller or USB-C. Port failure with a multimeter? I have the pinout for both


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Yes, it's fixable but it's not easy if you don't have soldering experience. The old one will need to be desoldered from the motherboard and the new one soldered on. I can do this job for you if you want to send it in for repairs...there may also be other repair shops near you or here on ifixit as well.

You can contact me or any other repair shop on ifixit by just clicking on their name and going to their profile page.

Hope this helps.

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