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Why the HDD wont start the mac os installed?

I own a macbook pro late 2009 with 250 gb seagate 5400 rpm.

I replaced it with a HDD hitachi 500 7200 rpm.

It never finished the mac os installation but when i connected it externally through a usb it did well and the install finishes succesfully.

And when i tried to use the old HDD everything seems to be ok !

Would like if any one would help as am depending on this laptop for many tasks.


MacBookPro   Mac OS X (10.6.4)    

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Clone the

old drive onto the new one. Use the external case and either: OSX instal Tools, restore, or any of the free/share/ware available.

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Good luck,


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The new one finally got the mac os installed but using a usb case, the problem nw is that whenever i try to connect it internally strange folders and question marks signs shows on the grey screen.

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