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Released January 2015. Android smartphone.

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Why won't my phone not charge anymore?

My phone was working perfect till a week a go. Suddenly it turns off with 50% battery remaining and won't turn on again . So I tried to turn it on on the charger and it turns on. But it won't charge anymore. It still works perfect on the charger. But the battery stays on 0% or 1% and as soon you take it off the charger it turns off.

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Ah, this is a very common issue regarding the battery state. If this happens, the first thing to do is replace the battery. Either it became defective over time, or the battery is blown out. Do not do anything to overheat the phone, as if the problem could be a leak in the battery, and the phone could explode. Android batteries are very cheap, and it is super easy to install, in fact they are much easier to install than apple batteries.

Happy fixing!


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