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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Surface Pro 3 will not turn on, doesn't appear to charge

I have a surface pro 3 that one day decided to not turn on. I charged it for a while, nothing on the screen, no sound. I tried holding the power button in for 15-20 seconds, tried the +volume and power button together, nothing. I ordered a replacement charger and battery. Tried the new charger, no change. I bit the bullet and took the display off (and did crack it, grrrr!). I replaced the battery, still will not power on or show any indication of life. Any idea what I could check, or what it might be?

I get .85V at the battery connection with the charger plugged in. The battery is completely dead.

Update - I replaced the motherboard today with a supposed good motherboard. Still no reaction when pressing the power button or +volume and powerbutton together.

Could a faulty powerbutton cause this? Anyone know what I could short on the motherboard to simulate the power button being pressed?

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have you sorted this? have you tried a different battery? apparently these machines do not power on without a battery.


Yes they will. I have a battery on order and have removed the old one. The Surface Pro 3 still boots with the power plugged in. It may be a bad power plug.


Or a faulty charger too if it doesn't show the white light on the charger cable tip itself.


The OP said they tried a new charger.


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I have this problem on two of my Surface 3 machines. Their is output from the charger, but nothing from the machine. It seems that the power socket might be damaged, Microsoft unhelpful - tried to sell me a new machine!

Any ideas - this happened to both after a short time.

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