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My Lenovo Mouse isn't working right

My mouse suddenly stopped responding when i moved it and the red light scanner for movement is turning on. The mouse registers that it has power because the lights on the mouse turn on if you hit a couple of its buttons. The mouse also doesn't automatically turn on its lights. None of the buttons on it work either. I have tried blowing the the USB connector but that didn't help i tried force connecting the mouse the the computers settings but hat didn't work i also tried turning the mouse on and off but nothing happened and finally i tried unplugging my mouse from my computer but that also did not help i am at a loss i don't know what to do please help me

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i have this problem too and it won't

freaking work :(


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This may be a driver issue. Depending on version of Windows, right click on the Start button and select Computer Management and then select Device Manager. Check to see if your mouse is listed under Human Interface Devices or Mice and Other Pointing Devices. Right click on the mouse entry and select uninstall, if you are prompted to delete the drives click yes. Click on the Actions tab at the top and select Scan for Hardware Changes. This should update the driver for the mouse.

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Thank you- what if the mouse isn’t listed but it’s been working fine all along, and now suddenly it’s not. Devices are updated as far as I can tell. Batteries are changed too!


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I had to charge my computer so I can study for my quiz and I turn it back on so I can do my homework and the mouse stopped working I don’t really know what the problem is I just need a solution to fix this

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