The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (called the Note5) is a phablet-style phone with stylus, manufactured by Samsung, released in August 2015.

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Scratched layer in pink under battery?

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I took the battery out and saw the layer of pink underneath had some scratches in it that are showing black stuff underneath. I cant tell if this is a part of the screen unit or just a material to seperate battery from screen. Will that being scratched cause any issues?

Update (07/31/2017)

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Image of the area in question.

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this is a copper iodizing on a layer of tape behind the LCD. this is nothing to worry about, and will not cause issues with your phones function

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So there is no issue with it i presume? Is it just there to protect the LCD?


the pink is more of a byproduct of the manufacturing process. as long as you dont put a lot of pressure on it, there shouldnt be any issues.


I added an image above, can you have a look? Thanks for the help


It's fine.. Don't worry about it.


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