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Part of the 15 series in Dell’s Inspiron notebook line, the 3520 model was released on October 18, 2012. The Dell Inspiron 3520 is a 15 inch laptop that is both affordable and capable of meeting a variety of needs.

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It turns on but keeps updating will not let me do a thing help

HI my laptop is on but keeps running a little circle like it is updating

I can't get ii to stop. How do I re boot I need help this has gone on

for days Thank you

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How do I fix my problem ?


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Press and hold power button for 10 seconds. Then flip laptop over and remove battery by sliding the two small switches on the bottom. Put battery back in and reboot.

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Can't say anything specific to your laptop, but the first thing I'd try is running Spinrite6 on it.

Gorey technical details:

Modern hard drives are built to be just reliable enough. They frequently rely on ECC (Error Correcting code) to retrieve data. The drive can usually recover from a certain number of ambiguous bits on the read of a given sector. If the drive reads a sector and the number of ambiguous bits is close to the limit, it will "Spare Out" the sector, replacing it with an unused one, left by the factory for that purpose.

If there are more ambiguous bits than the drive can recover, the drive simply waits for the sector to pass under the head again and make another attempt at reading it. most consumer drives will never time out or return an error during this process.

On older operating systems, like Windows 9x you could tell this was happening because even the mouse cursor would stop moving while the DOS subsystem was in control of the computer, but would start moving again if/when the disk got a good read.

Spinrite will thoroughly check all sectors of your HDD, and will make 1024 attempts to read a sketchy sector. If the HDD gets one good read, Spinrite uses that and moves on, after sparing out the sector in the normal process. in the mean time it collects the raw data from the platter, and uses various forms of statistical analysis to make a best guess as to what the data was supposed to be.

Sometimes it will get a good read of the first few bits of the ambiguous section, sometimes a good read on the last few. that may allow it to use the raw ECC code, which the drive does not normally transmit to the CPU to reconstruct the middle.

/gorey details

It's possible an update caused a critical system file to now occupy a sketchy sector on your HDD.

If you are lucky, spinrite can get one good read out of that sector before sparing it out, or it may turn up an "Unrecoverable" error in the "Slack" portion of a sector, (the space between the end of the file and the end of the sector).

In either case I've seen spinrite do some pretty amazing things. It's expensive, but well worth it.

there is no demo version, but the programmer/owner of the company says if you purchase Spinrite and it doesn't fix your problem, and you don't want to keep it on hand to prevent the next problem, he will refund your money.

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