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Are mobile phone parts interchangeable?

Are parts interchangeable between Android phones? For example... My fiancee has a ZTE Z813 that no longer functions. She upgraded to a ZTE Sonata 3. Needless to say, she's not very friendly to her phones. Do to several drops, her microphone no longer functions properly in calls. I told her to just plug in a headset or Bluetooth device. That worked out well for her. Can I use the mic from hr previous phone to fix her current one? Thank you for you time and expertise.


Daniel H.

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You will be able to tell when you go to fix it. If it fits all teh plugs and everything in that region looks similar, then yes it should work. As long as the whole flagship hasnt been completly redesigned between the 2 phones you have... There is a pretty decent chance it will work!

Best of Luck!


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