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The production third generation Quest was unveiled for the 2004 model year at the 2003 North American International Auto Show.

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Temp rising slightly on highway and transmission slipping in city...

Temp rising slightly on highway and transmission slipping at stoplights in city afterwards. Changed trans fluid (was dark brown) - seemed to fix on test drive towing same camper - temp needle stayed pegged at normal. However, cooling fan turned on immediately when starting van 7 -10 minutes after test drive. Did trans fluid change possibly NOT fix the issue? -KJ

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When towing with an Automatic, you should never be in the overdrive mode as this will kill your automatic. Did you drop the pan and replace the filter and pan gasket at the same time? If not then no you haven't fixed it.


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Check your coolant level, transmission filter, your thermostat and water pump. Goodluck bud

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