Model MD2614u / AMD Turion X2-64 2.1GHz dual-core processor

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black screen when powering up, Can see shadows behind it?

My child was watching Netflix on the laptop. After watching the movie, she closed the top off the laptop down. I went and opened it back up and there was a black screen and I could see shadows of the icons and a pop up saying windows was not properly shut down.

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Can you shut it down and restart. Sounds like your backlight is out. Looks to me like you need either a backlight or a new inverter. Your LCD is okay as long as you can see your icons etc. Of course first try to shut it off and restart after and see if that will resolve the issue. has the inverter. Hope this helps to clarify this a bit. Good luck and let us know what happened.

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+ I agree and would check the inverter first


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My display is doing the same thing. The backlight comes on when booting up and goes off at windows login. Any suggestions?


I fixed it. Anyone having this problem just restart in safe mode by pressing F8 while booting up, then using the arrows go down to where it says restore windows to a point where it loaded properly (not sure the exact language)

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