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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Two of these dead in different ways, but the same time?

I have two 24" ACDs connected to my MacBook Pro retina. Everything was working great until this morning, they went to sleep and never came back.

One display flickers on for a second, then goes black. The audio and USB hub are working.

The other display does nothing at all. The MacBook doesn't even acknowledge it being unplugged and reconnected.

I have trouble believing that both of these displays suffered different failures at the exact same moment.

Are there common troubleshooting steps after I open them up?

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Two at once? Hook them up to another Mac to test. Did you do a software update or download any possible infected files?

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Nope! Just doing some work this morning. Tested them on my wife's MacBook, same result.

The primary display I could understand failing as it's had super high hours and was showing inconsistency in the backlight sometimes, but the second display was super low hours and it won't even power on.

I suppose the next step is swapping the power board from the one with the display that won't turn on into the one that shows no power at all?


What's the model number on the bottom of the stand? The first thing I'd look for are bad caps on the power supply; swollen caps and/or leakage.


well, I took the nicer ACD and plugged it into a different circuit with a new power cable, and it works... moved it back to the first circuit with the new power cable.. and that one's up and running perfectly. the other is still flickering on momentarily only. I'm not surprised it's dead, it had been having some issues for some time. anyway, thanks for thinking about it!


I keep an eye out for power supplies for these as they are (or have been) hard to find. Lately, China has been clearing the warehouse of new 2011 PSUs. Please let me know your model number,


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