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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Can't take enclosure off external hard drive

It is my understanding that when an external hard drive is broken, often it's just the enclosure and the hard drive inside that stupid box is still working. I've had this happen before and I now buy only drives that I plug into a dock.

Well I've got this external hard drive lying around and I would take it's enclosure off, but I can't because it doesn't have normal screws.

I wasn't pursuing this problem, but I just happened across that video on the iFixit channel on Vimeo, and saw that the "pentalobe" screw looked like the screws on my external hard drive. So I got it out of my closet and to my dismay found out that the screws on it exactly resemble the pentalobe screws except there's a pin in the middle.

Does anybody know if you can get a screw driver for those?

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That's called security torx, not pentalobe, pentalobe is an even worse drill head than security torx, if you can figure out the size that'd be great, but otherwise iFixit has a security bit set you can buy.

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It's possible to break the security pin off the screw so you can use a normal driver with it. Just take a flathead and give it a pry. Obviously this is tamper evident but you're voiding the warranty anyway so if it saves you buying a new screwdriver...

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You can actually use a regular flat head screwdriver on these. You just need to find one that fits in the space, sometimes tap from a hammer or something heavy can wedge the screwdriver in the screw in such a way that you can then turn it.

I do this all the time on the security torx that holds the top cover on a ps3.

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