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This generation of Outback carried the same model codes as the Legacy Wagon: BP9 for the 2.5 liter and BPE for the 3.0-liter model.

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removal rear seat of Subaru Outback 2006

I have had milk spilled on the back seat of our Subaru Outback and need to remove it to wash the rancid smell out of it.

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How do you take the top part of the seats out? And can you replace 2006 Subaru Outback seats with newer model seats??


Hi Svetlana,

I'm forwarding a returned message from Jimfixer, whose Youtube Video worked very well for me + brief description of how to remove a seat.

Step 1) slide the front seats forward towards the dashboard.

Step 2) reach in from outside of the rear doors and grip underneath the seat, between the floor carpet and the seat frame.

Step 3) give the seat an aggressive lift / gerk upwards ( may take a couple of goes to get the technique right) and the plastic keepers release from the metal eyelets. The seat at the same time will pivot at the back rest end.

Step 4) Whacko!The seat itself will now be loose, push the seat belt buckles to the rear and lift your seat out.

Step 5) Loosen the bolts on the brackets where the seats fold down at the hinge (need spanners)

Seats from 2005-9 will fit back into your Outback, maybe you could persuade a car wreckers to find out the answer to having seats from a newer model installed in your vehicle. I would take out the old seat before goin shoppin. G Luck to you, Nicko


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This video may help not for the same exact car but close


Hope this helps

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This is a pretty good youtube video to match my problem with. Thanks Jimfixer for this notification. My vehicle is a station wagon and the method for the seat extraction was exactly the sames as the sedan. The bride and I had the stinkin' thing out in a minute! I've since given it a scrub with washing up detergent and also washed under the seat and the metal stuff under the seat. Then I rinsed the seat with fresh water and the metal stuff with diluted metho to dry it out faster. I'll install the seat again when its dry in a day or so, just to be sure. Laters from Nicko (down under)


glad to hear it worked for you


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