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Released in the USA on July 28th 2017, the Nintento 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console that is a streamlined version of the 3DS XL.

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Error message, can't play game card?

I just recently bought my New Nintendo 2ds xl and a Nintendo DS new super mario bros game card to play with it. The system recognizes there is a game inserted, but whenever I select to play it gives me an error message. The game card and system are all totally new and there seems to be no way that it can be broken. Plus, the Nintendo website claims that the new 2ds can play all DS games.

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I just did the same thing and have the same error message. Did you ever find a solution?


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Try another game if that works to see if it's the game or the 2ds that's broken. Replace the broken one by either getting it fixed by Nintendo or ask the place you bought it from.

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It’s possible that you just need to update the DS’s software.

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