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A Bluetooth smart speaker by Amazon, announced November 6, 2014. The Amazon Echo SK705DI features a voice-activated cloud-based assistant that can manage various tasks including playing music, reading news, creating lists, and answering questions.

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Echo Acting like an 80s robot that is misfiring

My Echo is out of warrantee and recently she has been very strange. She frequently doesn't respond to my voice commands and then shuts down and/or says she lost internet connection, which is fine with other devices. Could it be steam from shower (which is low as I keep door open in bathroom when shower is being used) or something else? She is acting like a misfiring robot from an 80s sitcom at times. I'm not sure what to do?

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it could absolutely be steam.

Sodium and calcium buildup are some of the minerals involved in corrosion, which is also known as water damage. Steam can easily cause problems in a device. Short circuits, are the end result of it.

There could also be software corruption, Antenna failure, or Microphone issues.

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If your Alexa is not responding or working to your voice commands then perform basic troubleshooting to follow some points:

  • Check for Microphone
  • Restart your device
  • Hard reset your device if not restart or reboot option not work,
  • Enable/Disable Alexa privacy

If above mentioned steps not help to fix Alexa '''echo does not respond''' '' then check outs some points such as

  • Always keep the device 20 cm away from the walls, as dust from the walls can get onto the speakers thus, obstructing the voice path to reach Alexa.
  • Also, make sure- there's no loud noise when you speak.
  • Other than this, make sure while you give a voice command to Alexa, your voice is clear and natural.
  • Last but not least, keep your Echo device away from all machines with vocal outputs, for example- TV, radios, microwave, and many more.

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