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Parts and Inventory - What should be carried? Where do you source?

Hello All,

I am starting a small PC / Mac repair shop and have some questions about parts and inventory that hopefully someone can help answer. What parts should you have on hand? How many parts should you have on hand at any given time? If you don't have a part needed for a repair, what's the best way to get that part in a timely manner while still making a profit? When it comes to sourcing parts, I'm unsure of what to do. I have a wholesale account with iFixit that I can use to order good parts for mobile devices, but I don't see any parts for computers. I want to source quality parts, but at a good price for the devices that I fix. I could easily go to a nearby Microcenter or Bestbuy and buy the part, but the price would be way more than what I want to charge the customer. So my question to you is where can I start when to comes to finding a reliable place to source parts? How much should I be spending on parts as a startup?

Thank you all for the help!

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That kind of depends on what kind of business you are getting in.

My staples are:

500GB & 1 TB SSHDs & a couple of 2TB 2.5"

1 & 2 TB SSHD in 3.5"

256 & 500 GB SSD drives

RAM for iMacs & MacBook Pros 2008-2012

13" & 15' 2012 Hard drive/IR cables (5 of the 13" , 3 of the 15" each)

13". 15", and some 17" MacBook Pro 2009-12 glass display replacements

13' & 15" 2009-2012 LCDs

2.5" & 3.5" external hard drive enclosures

a wide assortment of MBP batteries (probably to many)

older wired & wireless keyboards and mice

OWC inline thermal sensors

21" & 27" iMac screen adhesive strips

keyboard skins for give aways

MacBook Pro feet (3 different types)

Several types of Mag-Safe Adapters

one or two each of the 2012 13" & 15" MacBook Pros - set up & with upgrades

anti-virus licences

all the digitizers and glass & batteries for all iPhone 6 & 7's

assortment of iPad batteries & glass

A1286 & A1278 mag-safe boards, clutch covers. keyboards, lower case screw sets

@kaykay this answer might be of interest to you, because you don't carry a lot of these things that I use the most. These are things I buy in lots.

Well that's what comes to me off the top of my head .

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This is good stuff...

I would add for phones; Lightning Port Flexes and screen adhesives for the 6S/7 series. Also if ordering parts cost-effectively is an issue, then the standard flexes like Power button, Volume button, camera and sensor flexes because you never know when your going to accidentally tear one.


Great list! Thanks for the help!


@mayer roger that, sending over to the team meow, thanks!


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