How do you fix the screen crease after replacing the screen?

iPhone 7 was broken and purchased a new LCD screen replacement part online. Before install the screen, I tested the screen and it works normal, but after assembling the screen and turn on the phone, there is a bruise on the screen . Why does this happen and should I pay more attention to some place when install the screen?

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Hi Kaye. Do you mean something like what is shown in this question What is causing screen issue after iPhone 5s battery replacement?

If so, then those are pressure marks. That means something isn't sitting right underneath the screen and it applies pressure against the LCD when you press.

Go back through the screen replacement guide and check to make sure everything is in place.

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I should add a mark that doesn't go away will likely need a new screen.


@danj good point. If the OP gets back to us with more detail (or pictures), we'll be able to tell if the damage is temporary or not.


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