Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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Where can I buy interconnect antenna cable for 6+?


I accidently up this cable while changing the lightning connector:


I have been searching on this site, and other sites but i can not seem to find a replacement cable anywhere.

Can anyone help with a link?

Thank you very much.

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That was a lot harder to find than I thought it would be...

You can find it here.

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Thank you very much. However it kind of sucks that the only means of shipping to Denmark is DHL for 20$ :(


what does the cable do, my phone doesnt charge and im not sure if thats damaged or not


Garry, you should add a username to your profile and create a new question.


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