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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Should I replace motherboard or LCD?

Hello, my phone has recently taken a trip to the washing machine and when i took my phone out the screen was green but the samsung logo was visable. After drying my phone, I switched it back on and the screen wouldn't come on but the device worked fine, i rang it, it came through and i could hear notifications. After inspecting the connection for the LCD, i noticed that there was a gap on the pin and the ribbon connector had something on it.

Here are some photos:

MotherBoard connector:


LCD ribbon:


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is there another way to view the photos i can't view them


It's blocked


I'm having no problem seeing the images, using Safari.


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The connector doesn´t look well. I think one pin is broken. It is possible to replace only the connector instead of the whole motherboard. But it is very hard to say if there aren´t other broken components on the logic board caused by the water. I think you better bring this phone to an expert he will tell you if it´s worth to repair the phone or better to buy a new one.

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How is it possible to fix that one broken pin?


i feel bad 4 u :(


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