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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos n9200

Need help

Hello Friends

i have Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos N9200 LCD Display Digitizer Touch Screen total damage can i replace with any other note-5 phone like

Versions: N920T (T-Mobile); N920A (AT&T); N920I (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada); N920G (LATAM); N920G/DS (Brazil, India) etc etc

Would that work perfectly and compatible?

LCD+digitizer glass + assembly the back housing will fit or not???


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You can use N9200 with N920A/T/F/P/A marked screen. They are cross compatible.

The screens are usually bought with the Digitizer (Touch Screen), LCD (Display) pre assembled together.

The thing is you need to sometimes manually use some adhesive like B7000 liquid glue with double sided tape (sometimes you can buy the cut out for them) to install the screen.

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Great) thanks a lot) that is really usefull)


Thank you

i will try


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