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Repair guides for Sidekick cell phones by Danger Inc, a Microsoft company.

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Where are the plus and minus contacts in the power jack?

My Sidekick II's battery is empty and I'm not sure whether I found the right charger or not.

The charger I found has no printed indication on it's case that it is the original Sidekick II charger. It fits, though, as far as the actual plug is concerned.

But I don't know whether the plus & minus contacts suit the Sidekick II ones.

The charger's plus pole is the inner contact and the charger's minus pole is the outer, visible metal contact.

So would that suit the Sidekick II's power plug contacts? Or will I destroy my Sidekick II because I'll mess with plus & minus here?

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Stefan Wolfrum, I noticed that the chargers for the sidekick and sidekick II all have the same numbers so I would like to say that the contacts must be the same since the chargers are sold as being suitable for both phones. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Well I have the side kick lx and the charging light is on but not charging

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you need a new battery


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I just got my Sidekick Color plugged in and charging for the first time in YEARS. The charger that is working is

DC OUTPUT: +5V / 1.5A, with the positive in the inside of the barrel connector.

Silly me. I went to the box, pulled it out, saw the (useless) USB cable, plugged it into USB power and was disappointed when it didn’t charge. HAHA. USB charging is so 2010! This is a 2003 device.

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