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Icloud hardware remove 6splus

I'd like to remove icloud hardware but don't know where to order apart ?

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Best to return it to the person you bought it from and get your money back.

The cost of someone replacing your logic board or replacing the required chips is more than the cost of a new iPhone.

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You would basically need a logic board that is not Icloud locked, remove your logic board and replace with the new one. As for the "Hardware change, it is removing your CPU, NAND, Baseband IC and Baseband Eprom from your board and replacing it with matching parts from another that is not locked.

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I have an iphone6 that is iCloud locked, and i bought the phone.

My money is going to waste if i just forgo it, accepted the person that sold it to me might havestolen the phone?

Can" i get to contact the original owner and pay him/her some money to fix it, i cant just sit and forgo my money if there are forums like this.

Cant you imagine how painfulit is if your money goes to wait, i saved for a while before i got the phone and now because the seller is a thief i have to pay darely.

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