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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Can't turn on my 3DS after failed attempt on "jailbreaking". Any help?

I tried to hack my 3Ds by downloading LUMA, Homebrew, FBI and all that stuff. It turned out that it didn't work, so i wanted to get it back to normal again. Then i deleted everything inside the SD card, and when i put it back into my 3DS, it wouldnt turn on. it glows orange when i charge it but when i press the power button, it goes blue for 1 second then goes black. Help please?

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I tried hacking my 3ds but now that I've done it, the 3ds won't turn on anymore. The blue light flashes on 1 second and back off it goes. It won't turn on and I was careful about the hacking. I followed the instructions carefully and in order and yet it stopped working. What should I do now?


@Xavier Perez Make a backup of your SD card (or better: take a second SD card) and add all the files from 3ds.guide (yes, every single file. don't skip any) to the card. Reinsert and try booting.

3ds.guide is the only guide you should follow. If you followed any other guide, you're probably using some out of date stuff (if so LMK if you're installing A9LH or B9S)


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Put everything back onto the sd, the 3ds won't work without it!

If that doesn't work, get a flashcart (such as the r4i) and follow the steps on https://3ds.guide/ntrboot to reinstall CFW and get everything back to normal. Let me know if you need more help, I've done it about 5 times and know how it works.

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@neotil well i tried it andit doesnt work.i tried this method too and my ds wont turn on at all.just as its described, theblue ight will turn on for a fraction of seconds and then o off. it still wont work.


@aronfrompokemon did you try to install CFW (software) or does your 3DS have a hardware issue?


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