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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Anyone disassemble a FreeAgent Go portable?

I got one of these drives (750gb) for 75 bucks, I want to put it in my ps3. Anyone have any experience/tricks of the trade to get the bare drive out of the case? Looks like its clips similar to an ipod. Im sure ill be able to do it without destroying it, just thought maybe someone has done it and has some tips. Thanks

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before you do that you are going to want to format it to fat32 so that ps3 will recognize it. this woud be much easier to do while it is in the enclosure....assuming you have the usb cable....also assuming that it is not already formatted fat32. if it is not you can follow this guide is suggest using the swissknife program. as far as teardown i found this video

Good Luck,


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