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Can you damage flash memory by doing screen replacement?

I work for a local repair shop, and have been servicing iphones for years. Today I received a call from a very disgruntled customer claiming we damaged her "hard drive" with our screen repair. From what ive been told the phone is shutting down and locking up. She says Apple is the one who told her what was happening and why it happened.

I am highly skeptical of this. In which ways could I have caused this doing a standard screen replacement? Yes, i do fully disconnect the battery first, and it is the last thing I reconnect before setting the screen down into the frame.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Also be aware that its the apple store policy to blame anyone who touches the phone who doesn't work for Apple. I take it you tested the phone out after replacing the screen with a couple of boots so ... If the phone worked when you handed it back to the customer then the customer broke the phone later .


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You can't really physically damage the NAND by doing a screen repair. You could potentially damage the logic board when disconnecting the screen etc but as an experienced tech, you already know that.

You may, and I say may, have damaged the logic board causing boot issues but certainly not the NAND. I would ask her to bring it in and try to determine what the exact failure is. Apple is not usually one to say "you have a NAND/HDD issue". They'll usually just say that it's a logic board issue.

Maybe it's just an issue with the screen or some other module causing the phone to hang. Rule out the modules first.

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Customers do stuff to damage their phones all the time! And it's never their fault. Also they like to use big words they don't understand. It's a lot of fun!


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