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4х дюймовый iPhone выпущенный в марте 2016 года на той же самой платформе что и 6s. Доступен в серебристом, сером, золотом и розовом цветах с 16/64 Гб памяти. Модели A1662 и A1723.

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Signal very poor and 3g/ 4g doesn't work in most of time

I have bought a second hand Iphone SE 64gb. I verified it in center of my town and it worked without problems. When I arrived at home signal was very poor, no internet connection. Out of town I have same problems. I bought another sim card, another carrier/ same problem.

I checked everything and it's from my hardware. I think that logic board is the problem. Could you give me informations what to change at it? I don't find on internet any informations also I am sure that is not flex cable. I need some informations how to repair/ what to change on logic board. Thanks!!

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@theelitepro_gd really Vinicus, another statement that screams "I don't have any idea of what I'm talking about, I'm just blowing something out my rear".


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The likely problem is a lightning dock. After that it would be board level repair. It wouldn't serve you to just get another logic board, as it would be just as costly as a new phone


iPhone SE Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


iPhone SE Lightning Connector Replacement

iPhone SE Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Изображение


iPhone SE Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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Thanks! Can you explain me why the lighting dock can be the problem?


Sure. The Lightning dock does many things. One of the things is cellular data antennae. That's why I think this is your problem


Ok! Thank you very much!


Curious if this was a fix as I have the same issue and was about to replace the antenna first


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