No power up. Dim power cable light.

I have a Macbook Core 2 duo. It was working perfectly with the exception of the display going dim. I took the case off to inspect the inverter cable. When I reassembled it the green power light on the wall cable is barely visable and it will not power up. No Fan, nothing! Any ideas what I may have touched? I did remove the cable to the keypad. It was reinstalled.

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This could be any number of things. Try removing the battery and see if the light gets brighter and if it will start. Please give three last three letters of your serial number so we know exactly which guides to direct you to. Does it do anything when you press the power button? Any sounds? Try testing the AC adapter with a multimeter to see if you are getting power and all the pins are extending. Also check the Magsafe port for any blockage or corrosion.

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Thank You for your suggestions. I took it apart again tonight and disconnected the hard drive and reconnected the keypad. I then plugged in the wall cord and surprise the light brightened up and the computer started. I dont know exactly what did it but i suspect it was just a connection issue.


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