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Why can't I remove the blade cap from my Living Solutions stand fan?

I bought a Living Solutions stand fan. It has all the pieces, but it came with the blade cap firmly attached to the motor shaft, and I can't seem to get it off so that I can properly assemble the fan.

I have tried holding the motor shaft with a towel and with a rubber jar-lid remover so that I could try to screw off the blade cap, but it isn't moving no matter what I do!

Getting that off is all that is preventing assembly and I can't find any answers to this on the manufacturers page or find a customer service # to call.


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Would you give us a model number?


Thanks so much Philscbx!!!

Exactly the solution!

I would never have guessed that. EVERYTHING seems to have right hand threads.



You're very welcome,,

It's Fun when it works @!


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Very Possible

Left Hand Threads.

This a mean trick used by Chrysler back in the 60's

For Lug nuts.

Good Luck

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WOW! I had the same problem with a Comfort Zone oscillating fan and found this solution! Unbelievable! Left-hand threads! As soon as I switched to the left hand, the cap loosened like it was supposed to with great ease! What is the origin of this “trick” again? Was Chrysler the only one engaged in this trickery of mechanics? LOL Thanks for the support!

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Left hand thread means that the threat travels from the right to the left. From the top of the bolt or nut towards the shoulder. You don't physically have to change hands. Anti clockwise and not clockwise it stops things coming loose when they turn a specific direction. This is common with rotating items.


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