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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation Ranger, a compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford.

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Why does my 2000 ford ranger shift hard

whats causing my truck to shift hard it jolts when it shifts

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When light come on 1 gear hit hard but it does do it till 20 mph when it hit hard


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Quite a Few Factors involved -

We'll assume 200,000 miles.

Current care along the way, Trany Fluid Chges - mandated.

Drive train inspection- rear end serviced, all typical service.

Automatic wise, I still shift it manually, to help keep clutch packs from severe up shift demanding hits when there is high mileage.

Instead, take each gear a little higher in speed, backing off on up shift , to let clutch packs get a good grip first, before applying power... it's just a half sec.

Hard hits by itself- tell me clutch packs are about done,

The gap is such, when fluid is applied, it has to force the piston plate further to squeeze the clutch packs, and you might have foot pressing on throttle at the same time - forcing it to hit harder just as it's about to engage.

We'd roll it into Tranny Shop for full testing.

In a rare case, vacuum also controls soft / hard hits, But I'm not sure on this model.

This might be full Mazda Drive train.

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I have a 2000 automatic with a 168k on the odometer and it actually runs phenomenal for the high miles but from the 1st to second gear usually around 20 mph it runs about 6k rpms which is clearly too high for the first gear but then after that it runs like a beauty in all other gears I haven’t gotten to it yet but these 4 cylinder rangers have a Mazda like transmission which are known for hard shifting on high miles I’m about to dump all my tranny fluid out run a full bottle of Lucas tranny fix through it and put the tranny fluid back in


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