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A home audio speaker for iPod by Bowers and Wilkins introduced in 2007.

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B&W Zeppelin Air - LED flashing White - Firmware recovery failed

After a power outage the zeppelin air with 30 pin adapter shows a flashing white light and when connecting a USB cable to my PC/MAC using the Zeppelin Air Recovery Utility - firmware update (Recovery/Restore) the LED does not change to flashing green (still flashing white)- Recovery unsuccessful unable to continue to Restore Function. Even after going through the motions several times, the light remains flashing white. The Zeppelin Air only allows me to enter Firmware update - Solid white indicator light.

No other function available.

Thank you

Kind Regards

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I have a similar problem, Tried the Zeppelin Air Recovery Utility four times, Gets through the flashing green light. But in last phaze it is constantly white light and process only proceeds to 65-70 % fulfillment. And I have left it for hours trying to fulfill the final stage. If no answer to this I´ll de-construct the whole thing. Decent loudspeaker that can be built into other things......


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I had the exact same problem. Stuck on constant white light.

The problem (at least for mine) is that the main power board has failed.

Three of the low voltage capacitors have failed. (They balloon very slightly at the top like a failed phone battery).

If you are good with a soldering iron, three replacement capacitors are about £2.50

If anyone needs a step-by-step I can guide you through that process.

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Do you have a tutorial to change the capacitors of power supply?

Best regards


please send a photo of the capacitors lega1991@yandex.com


Do you have a tutorial


I have a same problem. Do you have a tutorial?


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Taking the zeppelin air apart is very easy. But you will need to be comfortable using a soldering iron.

If you follow this guide up to step 5 first, to remove the ipod arm.

Removing Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air Dock Arm

Next you need to remove the speaker covers.

There is a clip holding them in. If you feel near the pointy end at the back there is a little button to press.

Hold this in, and then slide the covers outwards.

Now that the speakers are exposed, be VERY careful not to squash the tweeter cones. They are extremely fragile.

On the front you will now see 8 recessed screws. Remove them all.

on the back, near the point ends, there are 2 more screws. Remove these.

The back will now come off.

If you open it like a clamshell, you will be able to unplug the 3 cabales linking the 2 halfs.

unplug these and separate the back from the front (remember those tweeters!)

The power board is help in with 1 screw.

remove this and lift the board out.

There are 2 cables holding it to board next to it, thet you need to unclip.

There is a very good picture of the power board here:


With the board out, you can now check for damage.

If you problem has been the white or red flashing light, then the problem is probably the 3 capacitors you see in a horizontal line in the upper left side of the picture.

They should be completely flat on the top. If they are domed, even slightly, it shows that the capacitors have failed.

They are Electrolytic Capacitors 1500μF 10V dc 10mm Through Hole FC Radial Series +105°C

RS components in the uk will sell you a pack of 5 for under £4.

You need to desolder the old ones, and put the new ones in (make sure they are the same way round - they have a stripe down the side)

If you have just a dead zeppelin, with no sign of life at all, then the failure is probably on the high-voltage side of the power board.

That is still fixable, but much more complicated.

Sorry I haven't yet got my photos ready to show the steps, but the 2 links should help.

Let me know how you get on.

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I also had such a problem, I tried many times toZeppelin Air Recovery Utility - firmware Update , but it never failed to reach 100% in the end, I just tried to configure it as a Control PC Version utility from the off site and it all started up. Set it up like a new one. P


Can you tell me how did you configured it as control PC version utility? Thanks, best regards


Hallo kann du bei Seite B&W Downloaden Control App for PC


I soldered ne ElCos in, and it works again! Sadly I dented the speaker cone of one of the high-toners and got it out again with a little bit of glue on a q-tip, but I'm not sure if audio quality suffered now. Not sure. Thx a lot anyway for providing the guide, so happy!


Hello, I have the same problem. The LED flash is always white. Resetting it is not possible. The Zeppelin does not have any function. As described I followed the instructions to check the capacitors, they don't have the shape of a "ballon". Also, the fuse is fine. From the outside I haven't found anything else that doesn't seem as normal. Next, I want to connect the charger to power and check the amperage at the two exits (the voltage). Does anyone know the connection plug arrangement or how much power belongs to each cable?

I'm kindly asking for advice.


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Pls let me know how to configure it using the control PC version utility? Thanks and best regards

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Mine shows also that I should finish FW upgrade. FW upgrade made, nothing changed, just steady white light. (Bowers&WilkinsControl_1.2.4_14587.zip, can be downloaded from Official BW site, search for it, no permalink, and version may change)

It seems to be that I got the PU EL-CO fault too, after opening the coverage. They are domed, as mentioned.

See pictures attached.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Will post again when Fixed.

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Replaced the 3 "dead" capacitors with this type:

RM 5 mm 1500 µF 10 V 20 % Ø 10 x 20 mm Würth Elektronik WCAP-ATLL 860160275034

Now "It's alive!"


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I have replaced the 3 1500uf 10v capacitors, and it still does the red flashing, the whole PSU board seems fine. So, the problem at least for me is something else.

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Anyone been experiencing this issue ?

I`ve replaced the 3 capacitors often to fail if speaker have red light issue.

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