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Where can I purchase a replacement drive?

I can't find a replacement drive anywhere. I can find plenty of regular PS4 drives and even PS3 slim drives but no slim 4 drives. Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi Nick Rose,

Just some guides for you to follow,

PlayStation 4 Slim Teardown

If you believe your drive cannot read or detect disc properly.

If im not wrong, as based on my previous PS3 defective lens repair, you need to source and replace the lens, but not the whole drive as I believe it is paired together with the PS4 motherboard, changing it will not work, i guess.

so in summary, you need to dismantle the disk drive module , open it up, check the part number / pictures of the lens, and find the parts at ifixit (if it sells), ebay, aliexpress, etc.

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Is this what you are looking for.


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I was actually looking for the entire drive but all I can find is the laser so it looks like ill just have to try that


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