The Moto G4 Plus is an improvement on Motorola's Moto G4. The Moto G4 Plus offers a fingerprint sensor, increased memory capacity, and an improved rear camera. Model number XT1642 and XT1644.

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My mobile faal in water.After taking out I tried to switch off.But it could

My moto g+ fell in water. I tried to switch off after that.but it was not getting off but was getting restarted by itself with time display when I tried to switch off. After that I did not tried to switch off.But I was feeling vibrations intermittently.I kept it under sun for one day but its neither display is working nor phone.What may be the problem & how to sort it.

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I get it cleaned from a mobile technician but as still not working .He is asking combo pack is required to be replaced. Should I go for it or to get it check from moto service centre.


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You will need to disassemble your phone and clean every contact and the motherboard with Q-tips and some rubbing alcohol.

Also check to see if there is any visible damage to the board.

If it works upon reassembly you're good, oherwise report back.

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@man123kam Even if it's still under warranty, Lenovo (Motorola) won't repair your phone for free , they'll ask you to pay quite a bit.

It might be cheaper to have that technician fix it for you.


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